EkoSever is always open to cooperation.
Legal entities and sole traders can become our customers in order
to purchase our products, both for resale and for their own

Who are
our partners:

Cosmetology and
cosmetics companies


Cafes and


Manufacturers of
Herbal Supplements

of Feed Additives


Why choose us

The growth potential of this industry is very
high: the production and sales market for organic
products is growing by 30-40% per year,
which is
confirmed by international and local statistics.

Working with us, you can be confident that:

  • We ensure product quality control, from acceptance to sale or delivery to the customer;
  • For convenience of our partners, we make sure that the whole product range is continuously in stock, and you can choose any carrier to deliver the products.
  • We use a HACCP-based quality management system at our production and food storage facilities;
  • Our products are duly certified in accordance with the Russian law and international standards;

Our advantages

Gluten-free organic products without GMO

Large wholesale and pre-order options

Delivery in Russia and the EAEU countries

Declaration of conformity for each product

Order processing
within an hour

Cash and
cashless payments

A personal

A flexible volume-based discount system

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The quality of our
products is confirmed
by the EAEU

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