With our production capacities, we can harvest
an average of up to 50 tons of ready-made
raw materials per month.

Our workshops

Our production consists of:

  • Workshop for preparation and storage of raw materials for drying
  • Processing workshop
  • Drying workshop
  • Packing workshop
  • Warehouse for final products
    Our company has its own equipped warehouse for storing all its products. With the floor area of 2000 m2, we can harvest and store plenty of raw materials there.
  • Loading and unloading area
    A large loading and unloading area, provides for working with several trucks at a time using a special loading tool.

Our technology

When working with algae, it is important to process them correctly, therefore, a professional process engineer monitors the quality of raw materials.

The most ancient and common method of preserving algae is natural drying. After drying,
the water content in them is reduced to 18-25-%, i.e. to the humidity at which algae can be stored for a long
time without compromising the quality and with no damage by bacteria.

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