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Arctic seaweed is a 100% natural product. It is the most valuable type of plants on the planet, containing no GMO or synthetic chemicals.

Fresh all year round

The Barents Sea does not freeze, which makes it possible to get fresh seaweed all year round.

Full of nutrients

Seaweed contains more than 70 vitamins, minerals and enzymes, including potassium, calcium, zinc, magnesium, iodine and others.

Surpassing the competition

Our products are 13 times more efficient and better for you compared with those from other Russian and Chinese manufacturers.

Individual grinding

Вы можете заказать индивидуальный помол или выбрать у нас в каталоге цельные, микронизированные и шинкованные морские водоросли.

Natural drying

Thanks to drying with no heat treatment the algae remain a tasty and healthy source of a full range of vitamins, iodine, polysaccharides and minerals.


Divers manually collect seaweed in wild and pristine areas of a nature park in the Barents Sea.

Our production facility is located on the Barents Sea coast near the village of Teriberka, Murmansk Oblast. The area is now a Russian nature park.

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